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Crowdfunding actie voor publicatie pigeon racing book 'Birdmen'

Onlangs hebben we het verzoek gekregen van Award-winning fotograaf Zak Waters om zijn crowdfunding actie bekendheid te geven. Hierna volgt zijn oproep.

"My name is Zak Waters and I have just launched a crowdfunding page on Kickstarter to help realise the publication of my pigeon racing book in Great Britain entitled Birdmen. To support the publication of this book, I launched a crowdfunding page on Kickstarter:"

The project is very important to Zak since he has spent a few years of his life travelling all over the UK to learn about this unique brotherhood.  His Birdmen project offers a unique insight into the world of the brotherhood, not too intrusive, but enough to offer the readers some understanding to what it is all about. The Birdmen is a book about the last of a working class breed, through whom you can chart not only the decline of traditional industries in the UK, but changes in the life of a community that is fast becoming lost forever.

"The minimum pledge to make my book happen is approx. £25 and if I get enough pledges the book will be published, if not I am nervous the story will disappear. In return for your pledge you will receive a limited signed book which will be an investment and should double in price over the next few years. Thank you in advance and if you are unable to pledge please feel free to share with your friends and family."

Zak hopes that he can count on the loyalty of pigeon lovers from all over the world because pigeon racing can use understanding and new members from all over the world to keep the sport and passion for birds alive.

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